15 August 2018

blinds shuters gates

Blinds and garage doors ofered by us combine modern style and aesthetcs with comfort of use and functonality.


The rich palete of structures and colors allows for a perfect ft to windows, doors and the entrefa├žade. Blinds manufactured on renowned supplier’s systems – window (top-mounted), surfacemounted and concealed – can be equipped with full automaton..

Blinds provide shadow, security and also give a sense of privacy. They improve all insulaton parameters of windows – both thermal and acoustc. Equipped with protecton against lifing, they prevent potental burglaries.

Garage doors, made of segments with diferent widths and embossments, thanks to the flling are characterized by very high thermal insulaton. We provide the gates with reliable control.




Facade blinds

Our offer also includes innovative facade blind systems, which are not only excellent sun protection, but also allow you to adjust the degree of heating the fa├žade, reducing the costs of air conditioning on hot days. They give the building a modern design and also protect privacy.