15 August 2018

Aluminum windows

STAR window and door system with increased thermal insulation


Aliplast aluminum systems based on which we produce our windows are the most technologically advanced solutions that ensure maximum thermal insulation and unchanging functionality for many years.

okno star
System description:

  • three-chamber construction
  • thermal insulation coefficient: Uf in the range from 0.6-1.23 W / m2K
  • 45 mm wide thermal spacer made of innovative materials
  • construction depth of sections: 90 mm – frame and 99 mm – sash
  • the possibility of fitting the door with a roller hinge system with a very high load capacity
  • a new standard of profile overlap with glass (increased depth significantly improves the thermal and structural properties of the system)
  • innovative system of water drainage from the structure (no visible elements blocking drainage holes)
  • the same type of corner and T-connector in the outer and inner chamber (result: reduced number of accessories and faster fabrication)
  • the same type of insulating insert in the window sash and in the window frame
  • reduced number of glazing beads and gaskets while maintaining glazing continuity depending on the thickness of the packets
  • a new type of corner, avoiding a screw / corner collision while screwing the surface elements of the fittings under the PVC groove
  • the possibility of glazing from the outside
  • solutions used in the STAR system will enable the design of structures that have the characteristics of other Aliplast systems: the renovation Luxus, imitating Steel Look steel or the Vision system (hidden wing) while preserving the STAR system properties
  • modern design

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