15 August 2018

Corona 70 window systems

The products we offer are perfect for both individual and institutional construction.


Extremely wide range on offer makes it possible for us to meet even the most sophisticated requirements of our clients.
PVC windows of all types, balcony doors or terraces are available in a wide range of finishes and colors.

The Schüco Corona 70 system is characterized by a wide range of possible applications in new and modernized buildings, where high quality and safety standards do not exclude solutions available for every budget.

Reliable insulation is the basis of a modern home.
The constantly rising energy prices and the decreasing natural resources of our environment mean that thinking about reliable insulation is very important. The Corona system offers very good thermal insulation parameters, which makes the investment incurred in the purchase of windows very quickly

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  • 5-chamber system with a depth of 70 mm [ 1 ]
  • thickness of glazing up to 52 mm, thick glazing units [ 2 ]
  • machine-mounted EPDM gaskets as part of the wings and extruded TPE gaskets guarantee the highest tightness and operating comfort requirements [ 3 ] [ 4 ]
  • narrow in the external view, Profiles ensure maximum access of natural light [ 5 ]
  • three variants of the shape of the wings: “Classic” (flush), “Rondo” (quarter-tiled) and “Cava” (half-veneered)
  • allows the use of 2-chamber, acoustic and anti-burglar glass
  • diversified appearance of profiles, thanks to a wide range of colors: universal, metallic and wood-like veneers as well as varnished aluminum or anodised covers

A beautful look

The PVC-U plastc windows of the Schüco Corona CT 70 system captvate with their tmeless design and a slim profle. Three diferent styles and three series of the Corona CT 70 system: Classic, Rondo and Cava as well as a wide range of colors and veneers ensure exceptonal freedom of interior design and façade design. The ability to operate with colors and details are additonal touches, the use of which allows you to emphasize your own style and originality. The choice of accessories, diferent shapes of glazing beads, window mullions, high-quality double glazing, blinds and the possibility of making the wing in a diferent color than the frame, allow to meet diferent expectatons.

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Easy to keep clean

Smooth and resistant to external weather conditons, your windows, with a small amount of work needed to wash them, will look like new, also afer many years.

A wide system ofer

The ofer includes profles veneered in various colors, including those that accurately reproduce the natural appearance of wooden or aluminum windows.

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Schueco LivIng 82 MD s TopAlu

Detailed informaton on the profles and functons of Roto NT hardware can be found in the tab: Download