15 August 2018



MC-Wall curtain wall

Light curtain wall system. The MC-Wall curtain wall consists of vertcal poles and horizontal transoms connected with each other by means of stainless steel pins. 2 or 3 Ø6 stainless steel connectors per one node provide a very high load-bearing capacity of the joist-bolt connecton, both in the plane of wind pressure and in the plane of glass load. This does not interfere with the possibility of using traditonal bolt brackets, or fxing them only with screws from the front. The bolts are insulated through a thermal break clamped at Aliplast at the stage of profle producton. This eliminates possible errors due to the installaton of the thermal break on the constructon site. The soluton of the bolt integrated with the thermal break signifcantly accelerates the installaton of the façade wall. The selecton of the spacer depends on the thickness of the flling in the curtain wall. It is possible to apply the thickness of fllings from 24 to 31 mm in the case of transoms with folded thermal break, and up to 42 mm in rafers with a separate thermal break. In the place where the wall is installed, a plastc insulaton profle is shot into the poles. The constructon of the pole is always traditonal: that is, the thermal break, the terminal strip and masking are separate elements. The entre structure of the curtain wall can be fnished from the outside with various types of decoratve-masking strips with rounded edges, so-called. “Sof line” and traditonal strips, with a rectangular shape.





MC-Glass curtain wall

A variant of the curtain wall without visible external aluminum elements. From the outside you can see only glass fllings separated by slits of structural silicone. In glass packets special pockets and guters are profled, in which mountng plates are placed, through which fllings are fastened to the the curtain wall.