15 August 2018

LIVING window systems

Schüco Living – well-being thanks to the windows.


Extremely wide range on ofer makes it possible for us to meet even the most sophistcated requirements of our clients. PVC windows of all types, balcony doors or terraces are available in a wide range of fnishes and colors. Energy-efcient components – such as Schuco Living window profles, triple glazing units and a warm mountng system that eliminates thermal bridges – is a guarantee that your windows will be really warm.

Modern plastc windows can survive in good conditon for up to 30 years. It is therefore important that all of their components, such as seals, are equally durable. These elements determine to a large extent whether the window correctly fulflls all its functons. In the case of Schüco Living windows, high quality concerns the smallest details. They use high quality EPDM gaskets – a top-shelf material that thanks to its excellent propertes is used, among others, in medicine, aviaton and the automotve industry.

Living window system has been created for all those for whom it is important to respect our natural environment and care for future generatons. Living is a system with no compromises in energy saving; it is innovatve and fully ecological (it can be recycled). The unique constructon and exceptonal quality guarantees many years of comfort of use. Thanks to the possibilites of using triple glazing, it can be successfully used in passive constructon.

schuco living


  • 7-chamber profle constructon with optmized chamber geometry and constructon depth of 82 mm, providing excellent thermal insulaton [ 1 ]
  • heat transfer coefcient Uf up to 0.96 W / (m²K)
  • 2-chamber glazing, package thickness from 24 mm to 52 mm [ 2 ]
  • factory-applied, heat-seal functonal gaskets made of EPDM with very high quality [ 3 ] [ 4 ]
  • increased installaton depth, providing greater security and beter protecton against burglary
  • narrow visible width of profles, guaranteeing optmal access of light [ 5 ]
  • a rich palete of exceptonal metallic fnishes on the surface of Schüco Automotve Finish and veneers in the colors of many types of wood and smooth surfaces
  • the possibility of using aluminum covers

Gasket system – quality in every detail

High requirements in terms of tghtness, long-term functonality and protecton against weather conditons also apply to the constructon of windows. The best material, proven in more than 50 years of practce, is synthetc EPDM rubber. Gaskets made of this material have an excellent ability to so-called elastc recovery, guaranteeing tghtness of windows throughout the period of use. The tme-consuming and expensive replacement of window seals is not necessary in this case.




The comparison of the resilience of the fexible Schüco gaskets with EPDM and other gaskets clearly shows that the high-quality material of functonal EPDM gaskets for a long tme retains high fexibility and thus favorable propertes in terms of protecton against drafs, cold, moisture or noise. A gasket of a diferent material already in the frst years of use signifcantly loses elastcity and gradually becomes more britle and britle. Afer about 7 years, its tghtness drops by about 50%.


An oasis of peace and quiet

Thanks to the Schüco Living windows, the tring noise will not disturb your peace. The plastc window system and innovatve sealing technology made of EPDM in combinaton with noise protecton glass provide excellent sound insulaton up to 47 dB. In your four walls you will fnally feel comfortable, because the stress associated with noise, for example from the street where you live, neighbors mower, constructon site around the corner or from the nearby airport will belong to the past.

Protected 24 /7

In order to feel good and confdent at all tmes, it is worth investng in your own safety. Schüco Living windows are ofered with the latest hardware systems and various equipment optons, which can be selected depending on personal preferences in terms of security. In additon to the high durability of plastc, which is characterized by high-impact PVC-U and thanks to the increased depth of building and deep-embedded fings, Schüco Living windows do not give uninvited guests too many opportunites for interference. Thanks to modern steel fings with mushroom bolts it has become almost impossible to overcome the window barrier. Hardened components and handles locked with a key or a buton make it equally inefectve to drill and move the hardware during the burglary atempt..

A wide system ofer

The ofer includes profles veneered in various colors, including those that accurately reproduce the natural appearance of wooden or aluminum windows.

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