15 August 2018

windows / terrace doors

The combination of the interior of the house and its garden not only adds light, but by opening the space, we can enjoy a beautiful view changing with the seasons


Thanks to modern technologies, we no longer have to worry that such large glazing means significant heat losses. We can make large-size glazing in a passive standard, and supplying
them with specialized sliding or lifting-sliding hardware will make the terrace doors operate without any effort. They can be produced in both PVC and aluminum systems.



Glass gluing technology

Applicable glazing technology in Schüco profles allows for the creaton of stable large-size structures, from foor to ceiling

Terrace doors for the elderly and disabled

A very low threshold in terrace doors facilitates the movement of elderly and disabled people.
Thanks to the special constructon, the soluton also has excellent tghtness to rainwater.



A wide system ofer

The ofer includes profles veneered in various colors, including those that accurately reproduce the natural appearance of wooden or aluminum windows

SAF Farbfaecher
ThermoSlide TopAlu e


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Aluminum covers are also available for the HST system. The soluton combines all the advantages of PVC windows with the design of an aluminum window. The overlays can be varnished in any RAL color