Schüco LivIngSlide is a comfortable sliding door system with excellent functionality and thermal insulation dedicated to buildings with high energy standards. It connects the interior with surroundings without barriers creating a unique space.


Energy-saving Energy-saving
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It meets the restrictive criteria for highly energy-efficient houses, excellent heat transfer coefficient, even up to Uw = 0,8 W/(m2K).

Construction Construction
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Maximum heught up to 2800 mm, multi-chamber profiles, 82 mm wide wings, 194 mm installation depth, maximum wing weight up to 400 kg, low, barrier-free, thermally insulated treshold (0 mm), innovative EPDM gaskets.

More daylight More daylight
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The possibility of installing panoramic panes and creating very large glazing.

Design Design
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Many possibilities of arranging fixed and sliding wings (including a panoramic wing).

A wide range of unique, metallic Schüco Automotive Finish surface finishes and veneers in the colors of many types of wood and smooth surfaces (aluminum covers).


It allows for easy closing of the wing when going outside.
Low treshold
Access to the terrace on one level.
A wide range of handles with various functionalities including safe handles.
Comfortable and double-sided use of balcony and terrace doors.

Designed to meet
all expectations

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The comparision of the so-called “flexible return” of Schüco EPDM gaskets and other gaskets shows that the high-quality material of EPDM functional gaskets retains high flexibility for a long time and thus the favorable properties in terms of protection against drafts, cold, moisture and noise. A gasket made of different material significantly loses its elasticity in the first years of use and gradually becomes more and more brittle. After about 7 years, its tightness drops by 50%.

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