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A smart home is a future that becomes everyday life. The ability to automatically control devices with various functionalities at home from the level of one application is a convenience that cannot be ocerestimated. By combining devices and sensors into one TaHoma system, your home becomes a comfortable and safe place, and wherever you are, you can check what is happening in it. If threats are detected, you are informed about it on a regular basis and you can immediately react to a possible fire or burglary.


In an intuitive way, we can fully control roller shutters, facade blinds, screens, lighting, heating, gates and garage doors, responding automatically to changing weather conditions or the time of day and night.

Convenience thanks to full automation
Safety and the possibility of monitoring
A simple TaHoma application for your phone
Facade blinds Facade blinds
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Facade blinds give buildings an exceptionally modern character, not only provide excellent sun protection, but also allow to adjust the degree of heating of the facade, significantly reducing the costs of air conditioning on hot days.

Screens Screens
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Screens are external roller shutters made of weather-resistant material that provide very good protection against excessive sunlight and are also a barrier against insects and dirt. A wide range of materials and accessories allows to adjust the screens both in terms of functionalitty and visuals to the building facade.

Roller shutters Roller shutters
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Roller shutters are the perfect solution, combining high functionality with security, preventing a potential break-in. They provide the ability to control sunlight in rooms, guarantee privacy after dark and reduce heat loss during winter by providing additional cover for windows. Depending on the type of building, wall structure, requirements and installation options, various solutions can be used: surface-mounted, flush-mounted and top-mounted roller shutters. All types are available in a wide range of colors of lamellas and roller shutter boxes – matching the windows or facade elements.

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