Schüco Corona Windows

The Schüco Corona window system is ideal for refurbished and new buildings, where energy efficiency must harmonize with an economic solution.


Energy-saving Energy-saving
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5-chamber system with a depth of 70 mm.

Rondo version.

1- and 2-chamber glazing, package thickness from 24 mm to 40 mm.

Factory-inserted into the profile, high-quality TPE functional gaskets.

Safety Safety
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The possibility of using various glazing packages and modern fittings with a mushroom interlocking.

More daylight More daylight
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Narrow profiles in the external view ensure maximum access of natural light.

Design Design
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Two variants of wings shape: “Classic” (not flush), “Rondo” (quarter flush). The possibility of using aluminum overlays (with a different design).

A wide range of unique, metallic Schüco Automotive Finish surface finishes and veneers in the colors of many types of wood and smooth surfaces.



It allows for easy closing of the wing when going outside.
Low treshold
Access to the terrace on one level.
A wide range of handles with various functionalities, including safe handles.
Comfortable and double-sided use of balcony and terrace doors.

Window fittings

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up to 30 years

The comparision of the so-called “flexible return” of Schüco EPDM gaskets and other gaskets shows that the high-quality material of EPDM functional gaskets retains high flexibility for a long time and thus the favorable properties in terms of protection against drafts, cold, moisture and noise. A gasket made of different material significantly loses its elasticity in the first years of use and gradually becomes more and more brittle. After about 7 years, its tightness drops by 50%.

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